The Coaching Planner: Why you need it.

We All Know the Feeling.

What is the Coaching Planner?  A place to organize purposeful and well implemented practice plans. 

Why do we use it? We're in a digital age but some Coaches just need a simple place to sketch, scheme, and plan. We've all tried the apps and sometimes they just don't respond or work right. Sometime the right answer is just simpler.

I think we've found that in the Coaching Planner. 

For coaches who want a successful season at their finger tips I can't recommend the Coaches planner more and I'm not alone.

Coaching Basketball Planner

Here's what others have to say about the Coaching Planner

Nicole Gwynn (SVU Head Coach)

"I wouldn’t even think of starting the season without it. This year I ordered four so each of my staff can have one as well. I rely heavily on it for everything from holding clinic notes to allowing my thoughts to be documented on long bus rides. I made the switch to The Coaching Planner when I decided I wanted to get serious about my team and creating success as an organization."


Scott Marsh (Darby HS)

"I absolutely loved using the coaching planner. I’ve coached for 30 years and have just started using it for the last 3. I wish I would have found it 27 years earlier. It would have elevated my ability to coach so much earlier"


Dave Bradshaw (Corvallis HS)

“I don’t go a single day without my coaching planner. Every day before practice I outline what I’m going to do and as I do so, the printed courts are an extremely integral part because they allow me to visualize the drills I can run with the players that I have. I also rely heavily on the reminders section at the bottom of each practice page. At the college level there is always something going on that my players need to be aware of and writing them down in that section helps me remember to remind them of important things"

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