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Coach Jessop and The Coaching Planner

Coach Jessop has over 15 years experience as a head basketball coach and every season he searched for ways to stay better organized with practice planning, game plans, scouting reports, clinic notes, and more. Like you, he tried three ring binders, folders, and even the latest computer programs, but could never find the right fit. He needed something that would satisfy his itch to scheme out X’s and O’s, take notes, scout, and review film all in one place.

After 10 years of lost notebooks, folders, binders, and lost files somewhere on his computer, he decided to develop his own planner specifically for a basketball coach. The first planner was for himself until a local coach asked where they could order one. It didn’t take long to realize, The Coaching Planner was something other coaches were looking for as well.  Since 2009, Coach Jessop’s Coaching Planner has been the companion of both high school and college coaches all over the United States, Canada, and Europe. If you are ready to upgrade your coaching to a championship level then add the coaching planner to your game.