Southern Virginia University Volleyball

“I don’t go a single day without my coaching planner. Every day before practice I outline what I’m going to do and as I do so, the printed courts are an extremely integral part because they allow me to visualize the drills I can run with the players that I have. I also rely heavily on the reminders section at the bottom of each practice page. At the college level there is always something going on that my players need to be aware of and writing them down in that section helps me remember to remind them of important things. I get great use of the game section as well, as I prepare my lineups and strategies for each game. The layout of the courts helps me see various lineups I can use throughout a match, which is crucial in this game and at this level. My favorite part, however, is the notes section. It has come in handy during individual meetings with my players as well as in film sessions.”

Nicole Gwynn: Head Volleyball Coach at Southern Virginia University